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Since its founding on 10 May 2012, MVtv has been the only Islamic television channel in the Maldives, operating under the guidance of a Shari'ah Board with some of the most renowned Islamic scholars of the country.

Being a 100% Muslim society, the Maldivian population is in constant need for easily accessible Islamic knowledge and awareness material that will assist in formulating their interaction with contemporary issues. However, there is a tangible lack of such material, especially in the television media, which arguably falls below the ethical standards that must be complied with by the media in a Muslim society. The team at MVtv hopes to address that void Our Vision is a televised media that will promote in the Maldives an Islamic worldview that is integrated with the civic and social values necessary for the healthy progress of modern-day society, which will enable the country to prosper regionally and internationally.

It is our belief that this can be achieved; and it is our Mission to become a pioneer Islamic television channel with nation-wide reach, which will address all areas of national and/or international concern with Islamic relevance in a manner that will be both compliant with Islamic principles of communication and able to garner and maintain the interest of all sectors of the Maldivian society. We realise that, in order to achieve this mission, it is imperative that we maintain a clear understanding of the interests and concerns of different socio-economic sectors and various age groups within the Maldivian community.